• Climbing the next hill: after getting to the top of one challenge, it’s time to start at the bottom of the next.

    War and Peace, Re-write or Abandon?
    War and Peace, Re-write or Abandon?
  • Things I wish I’d learned sooner as a writer: from sequels to conferences to critiques and more.
  • Conquels: You can’t sell book 2 if book 1 doesn’t sell. But what do you do when you want to write more in the Book 1 setting?
  • Semi-colons in Fiction: Do you use them?
  • Rule of Three: thoughts on where to use patterns, and where not to.
  • Contra Emotions (2): Sad doesn’t work? Try happy: sometimes the key to unlocking a difficult scene is to write it from an unexpected emotional state.
  • Critiques (2): It’s hard to assess your own work but there are plenty of ways to get feedback from others
  • Mining the Miners… and writers: there’s an old saying: no one gets rich in gold rushes except the people selling stuff to miners. Does the same hold true today with aspiring writers?
  • Fantasy Novel Openings: speculative fiction presents challenges in the opening because it is hard to set the scene without a lot of exposition. So what do you do?
  • When to Start Over: you don’t to give up on a challenging scene too quickly but sometimes you’re better off rethinking the whole thing
  • Critters (2): a great on-line critiquing resource for spec fiction.
  • Purple Facts: what to do with facts that might break suspension of disbelief
  • Red Circle Ink: excellent paid critique services at an excellent price
  • Data backup for the writer: wouldn’t want to lose that novel, would you?
  • Anachronisms in Fantasy: should a dragon firework pass overhead “like a steam train”?

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