Worldbuilding: Science Fiction

  • Sunset on a Brown Dwarf
    Sunset of a Brown Dwarf

    Souls and virtual reality: whether or not there is an afterlife for organic life forms, there certainly could be one for synthetic ones.

  • How to make Time Travel Work: my thoughts on ways to deal with the standard time travel conundrums.
  • Warp Speed: How fast do you actually have to be traveling to make stars move like in the ‘warp’ scenes in Star Trek? Turns out really, really fast, as in, fast enough to travel to Andromeda in a few days fast.
  • Barbecuing your Heroes: fire doesn’t have to touch you to burn.
  • How not to Blow up your Space-Opera Lasers: most space weapons would take a large amount of power. This post discusses how to turn that from a problem to an advantage in your story.
  • Virtual Reality and Worldbuilding: Why would you have a VR world? How can you integrate organic entities? Synthetic? Both?
  • Coruscant and Heat Dissipation: Fun things you can do with your setting if you don’t ignore problems like how what to do with the heat generated on a 100 trillion person planet other challenges.
  • Teleportation: some of the challenges of teleportation and how to turn them into an asset in your story
  • Stagnant Ice: using buried glaciers as a setting
  • Fusion: It’s Really Hard: Challenges of fusion reactors
  • Writer’s Block: maybe it’s your gut telling you it’s not the right time to write

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