Critiquing by Critters

Story critiques by other writers

Looking for some feedback from more than family and friends? Wondering if your story is up to snuff? Or know that it isn’t but you aren’t quite sure what needs fixing? Give a try.

I’d come across this site before but did not sign up until recently. I’ve yet to submit my own work but judging by the other critiques I’ve read, you’ll get a number of critiques, generally of very good quality. It’s primarily focused on science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories but there are other genres (with much lower numbers of submissions and critiques) and a provision for getting novels critiqued. The novel critiquing does seem to work.

Naturally as a budding writer, I was drawn to his by the chance to get some feedback but having been critiquing for over a month now, I’m getting a lot out of doing the critiques. The process of figuring out why something did or did not work for you really helps extend your own writing. Plus skimming other critiques offers interesting perspectives as well.

To stay in “good graces” and have your own stories hit the queue, you are required to critique one story 3 weeks out of 4. You get to pick your stories and sub-genres. If you’re going out on vacation or going to busy you can always do an extra one or just skip a week. Critiques have to be at least 200 words and are generally about 500 words or more. Critiques of stories under 2000 words earn just half-credit.

Give it a look; it’s a great resource and excellent practice for your own craft skills. Even if you don’t want to be active on it, there are some good resources on the site. It’s a great alternative if you can’t find a local critiquing group you like or want a much wider range of critiques (most stories seem to get at least 4 critiques and often get many more).