My Muses: A Park, Songza… and Hans Zimmer

My muses are those “things” that enable me to write. A walk through the neighborhood can be nice to clear the head but a loop through a nearby city park really does it for me: soaring cedars and alder, a creek, springs and lush undergrowth. An hour there and I usually have any writing problem solved.

Music is the grease that keeps me writing and thinking. I like soundtracks best: emotion without lyrics and by far my favorites are the works of Hans Zimmer. He may not be as romantic as Calliope  or Thalia but he has a way with music. Movie critics like to bemoan soundtracks that do the feeling for you but for a writer they can be very helpful, as long as you have the right soundtrack for the scene at hand.

English: Hans Zimmer at the The Dark Knight Pr...
English: Hans Zimmer at the The Dark Knight Premiere (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My writing space is an alcove without a lot of distractions except for my spheres. When I need a short diversion, there’s nothing like gazing into a crystal ball, hefting a hunk of jasper or looking at the patterns of Picasso jade, lapis lazuli or my favorite: my rutilated quartz sphere. The nice thing about the spheres is that they are beautiful but familiar: good for a short break but they aren’t going to de-rail my writing.

Songza has recently joined my list of muses. I don’t have a good phone for Songza while I walk but at the desk it has replaced all other music sources. It’s varied, it’s free and its ad-less, at least of the verbal sort. I don’t mind the visual ads and I try to support my providers but I really don’t need interruptions while I’m trying to write, especially when the volume is usually jacked up for the commercials on other Internet radio services.

What are your muses?