Calyx: Maps

Campaign Cartographer
Campaign Cartographer

The world of Calyx is a disc six thousand miles across. The central mountain range is the remnants of the Titan, felled by mortals at the beginning of recorded history. The rim mountains and the central mountains are both two hundred miles high, almost unimaginably tall compared to Earth.

Prince of Leaf and Stone is set about a hundred and fifty miles southwest of the Celebrent ruins, around the upper right tip of the ‘E’ in ‘Tolan Shore’. The rectangular map shows the region in the novel.

Color map (there will be a black and white version in the eBook) - Copyright 2015 M. Q. Allen
Color map (there will be a black and white version in the eBook) – Copyright 2015 M. Q. Allen

In the regional map,  the low tide mark is at the boundary between the light and dark blue. The high tide mark is between the gray and the yellow. The nominal sea level is the border between light blue and gray regions. These tides are much slower than on Earth (3 days rather than 6 hours) but much higher- 120 feet from low to high. Even taking three days, a human might not be able to out run such a tide on the flatter areas.

This gives rise to immense tidal flats, some tens of miles across. In the book, the people of Wilska live at the edge of such a zone, a poor land. (On Earth, this might be a rich land due to the bounty of the sea but with such large, slow tides, my thoughts are that you wouldn’t find the clams and other wildlife as you do in similar areas on Earth.)

During the cataclysm five centuries before the book, the sea repeatedly wash inland as far as the boundary between the yellow and green regions. This yellow region is no longer inundated by the ocean but it is still less fertile than the high lands. Aedric’s family’s lands are mostly in this more wasted zone, although they do have a patch of fertile land to the west, and thus are richer than their enemies at Wilska but not as well off as Lofoten, whose lands were never flooded.

As explained in the novel’s appendix, seasons are short on this world- half the duration as on Earth. At this location, winters are harsh and summers are cool.


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