Prince of Leaf and Stone is now live

Current Draft of Book Cover - Copyright 2015 M. Q. Allen
Copyright 2015 M. Q. Allen

The book has now gone live on Amazon. Like most authors, I imagine, I’m nervous about reviews, although, like most indie authors, I should really be more nervous about no reviews at all: it’s a big world out there and any attention at all, good or bad, is a challenge.

For those who do read it, I’d like to hear your thoughts and areas for improvement. This is a project from a few years ago and it is far from perfect but hopefully you’ll find some positive points.

Thanks to all for the comments and support along the way. Even if I did not follow-up on a suggestion, I did give it consideration.

While creating the eBook was a little more trouble than I expected, it was fairly painless once the eBook file (.mobi) was ready to go. Amazon is pretty clear on what steps you’re book is in. They are also reasonable about setting expectations on how long it will take to process, post, setup your Author’s page, etc. Their estimates tend to be conservative and if you don’t run into problems it’s much quicker– for instance, they said it would take up to 12 hours for the book to go live but it was posted within 2 hours.

You can find the book on Amazon here.

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  1. Getting a copyright is surprisingly painless. It took about 30 minutes but that was mostly reading the instructions and filling out the on-line forms and doing the on-line submission. $35 for a single work.

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