Space Wonders: Better than Traveling There

Just a quick gallery today of some of my newer pictures from Space Engine. I’m looking forward to addition of accretion disks around black holes and blue stragglers in globular clusters in upcoming updates. As in the earlier post, all images are exactly as captured in Space Engine, without any post processing, cropping, etc.

7 thoughts on “Space Wonders: Better than Traveling There

    1. I like those too. Unfortunately while you can search and sort by number of suns in the system, I don’t know an easy way to find ones where the suns are close. Often, they are 100s or 1000s of AUs apart, which means from one sun’s planets they are just a brighter star. Spent an hour last night working through star systems trying to find some close ones 🙂

    1. Not yet! I hope it’s good. I’ve toyed with watching the original one again, which I loved, but the science is pretty stale at this point. A lot has happened in astronomy in the last 30 years

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