Shameless Plug for Critters Critique

For those of you active on, forgive me for pointing out #23178, Determination. Would love to hear your thoughts on it! It’s up on this week’s list of manuscripts.


Question dog
Question dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


4 thoughts on “Shameless Plug for Critters Critique

    1. Thanks, that would be great! Actually I don’t believe I have your email. Could you send an email to m a r c @ f o u r – h a n d s .com (space removed, of course, with a hyphen in the middle of the domain name)

      No critters mentioned this post so not sure if I helped drum up some critiques or not but I did get 12 critiques this time. I think it helped I was sending a complete short story through (at 4000 words) and not chapter 1 of a novel.

      1. Thanks!

        I feel bad for the folks not getting a lot of critiques and at end of week sometimes do 1 or 2 from the short list. Often they are fine stories just very long- 8500 words or more, and often two or more chapters put together, making them unappealing for most critters. When I decide to do those overlong ones, I just critique the first chapter or 4000 words 🙂

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