One Lovely Blog Award

one-lovely-blog-award-twoThank you to Deby at Wyrmflight for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award! What a pleasant surprise. I don’t really know exactly how this work other than what I see in Deby’s post, but I take it that to accept this, I am supposed to do four things: attach the image; thank the person who nominated me; share seven things about myself; and pass along the nomination to seven more deserving bloggers. That probably means I shouldn’t nominate Wyrmflight but it’s one of my favorites :).

Seven Things About Me

  1. I’ve been married 23 years to my lovely wife and have 2 boys in middle school.
  2. I’m definitely an introvert. One definition that sticks with me is an extrovert gets energized by a group encounter and an introvert feels drained. I’ve learned over the years to be more outgoing but I’d take a solitary walk in the woods over a dinner party any day.
  3. I’m a  big reader, although over the years, my reading has shifted more to non-fiction than fiction. I like to read history of any period or geography. Of history, half is military, the rest is all over the place. I especially love something that reveals something of what life and attitudes were like in another era. On fiction, I’m fairly eclectic though I tend to stay away from ‘literary’ fiction.
  4. I’m a daydreamer since as far back as I can remember, a daydreamer of the sort where I would carry a story forward for days or even weeks. Interestingly, in the last five years it has become hard to daydream because it’s difficult to find something new but happily, I’ve found writing lets me continue it: now I ‘daydream’ about the story and work out the different bits.
  5. I started playing D&D in 1978 and quickly branched out to paper wargames (that was their heyday), Traveler, computer games and other geeky fun. I still play D&D regularly as well as, at the moment, Guild Wars 2.
  6. I got into cooking after college and these days, do the holiday diners, weekends and some of the week day cooking. No dominate cuisines but regulars tend to be Italian, Japanese (including sushi!), Thai, braising, BBQ, French and classic ‘American’.
  7. I’m an engineer, which is not just a profession, it’s a state of mind. Not sure if it is because of years of engineering work or I started this way (I think it is the latter) but it’s second nature for me to double check any facts that come my way, be it a history book, a movie, a novel or what have you. I still remember as a teenager watching the Star Trek Original Series episode Wink of an Eye, and picking it apart: if they were moving that fast, they’d catch fire from atmospheric friction and cause hurricane wind forces 🙂

Seven nominees

  1. N. E. White: a fantasy author with a range of posts on writing and tips
  2. Fairy Spell: a fantasy author who posts on fairy tells and their influence on fiction and society
  3. Fabulous Realms: a fantasy author also posting on folklore and myth
  4. Write with Warnimont: great writing tips
  5. Street of Dreams: a poet and essayist
  6. L. Palmer Chronicles: a wide ranging writer
  7. Wyrmflight: one of my favorite blogs on one my favorite topics: dragons!

Thanks to Deby for the nomination and to all the bloggers out there for not only great posts but great comments!

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