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Line art representation of a Quill
Line art representation of a Quill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to courses and workshops for writers (see Mining the Miners for evidence). There are great courses and workshops out there but there’s also a lot of folks cashing in on writers’ hunger for success. In January, when I was trying to figure out what to do with an earlier manuscript, I mentioned that my wife took a course called Discovering Story Magic (DSM) by Laura Baker at a Fearless Writer (also DSM offers a concise, clear way to define and drive the story from the characters. That is currently my weakest area as a writer so finding a way of looking at it that clicked was a huge relief.

I’ve got my current project out to two alpha readers and am taking a break from it by working on story development for the next one. As it turns out, Laura has a sort of “mini” version of her DSM course available starting 28 June. Fortunate timing: I can spend a few weeks getting a first draft of the DSM “grid” and related material in place and hope to get some early, good feedback on it. It makes my break between revisions on SOTA a bit longer than planned but sometimes more distance is better between revisions, anyway.

To sign up for this mini-course, it is necessary to have some familiarity with DSM, either from an earlier course or from Laura’s course materials (available at one of the links above). Enrollment is limited to about 10, though, so if it sounds interesting, you may want to check it out sooner than later.

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