Of Dragons and Flying Giantesses

The fearsome Azzykis!

Some comments by TMSO on my post about using race longevity in your fantasy world settings reminded me of a game from long ago where, as game master, I experimented with letting players have all sorts of different types of characters. The campaign was set in a world fragmented into many floating isles so flight was at a premium. One player selected a bronze dragon for his player character, featured in the picture here.

The player’s wife selected a half-giant, half-demoness Gyllda:

The half-giantess, half-demoness Gylllda
The Awesome Gyllda

Unfortunately, for the dragon’s ego, dragons are extremely powerful, so in order for a dragon to be a player-character he had to be very, very young, and therefore, very small:

Poor Azzykiss caught preening in front of the mirror!